Redbridge Council cracks down on businesses behaving badly 

Wednesday 20 April 2022

As part of a targeted initiative by Redbridge Council to keep the borough clean, 11 businesses in Ilford Lane have been fined after failing to provide evidence showing how they dispose of their commercial waste. 


55 businesses in total were visited by council Enforcement Officers offering waste management advice.


During the visit, businesses were also issued a legal notice to provide waste documentation to show how they are currently getting rid of their rubbish.


Of the 55 businesses 11 failed to produce the required documentation landing them with £300 fines each.


Enforcement Officers also reiterated to business owners their legal duty to ensure commercial waste is lawfully disposed of as it is an offence to dispose of commercial waste in domestic bins, public bins or recycling centres, and placing it on the public highway without a collection arrangement constitutes fly-tipping, which is also illegal.


Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Cllr Jo Blackman, said: Our council teams regularly engage with local businesses to ensure they know how to manage their commercial waste correctly. The majority dispose of it responsibly, but it’s essential we keep the pressure on those that don’t. We all have a role to play in keeping Redbridge tidy and clean, and that includes our local businesses.”


Redbridge Council offers businesses in the borough a Commercial Waste Collection Service: Find out more: