Ilford woman stung with court fine after blocking pavement with piles of rubbish

Wednesday 11 May 2022

An Ilford woman who left piles of furniture and rubbish spread across the pavement outside her home, causing a danger to pedestrians, has been hit with court fines of more than £1000.


The mountain of mess was initially discovered by Redbridge Council Cleansing Officers attending a property on Culpepper Close, Ilford, to remove three pre-arranged items of bulky waste from the householder’s front garden, in conjunction with the terms of the council’s Bulky Waste Collection service.


On arrival the team discovered an excessive amount of waste in front of the property, obstructing the pavement and causing a danger to pedestrians. Among the rubbish found completely blocking free access across the pavement was large and broken bits of furniture, discarded packaging and bags of rubbish. 


The occupant of the property Tanya Bayley, age 30, admitted to placing the rubbish outside her home when approached by Redbridge Council Enforcement Officers and was given a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice for highway obstruction.


After failing to pay the fine, despite being sent reminder letters, Bayley was summonsed to Barkingside Magistrates Court for the offence.  Following the court hearing in early November, which Bayley failed to appear at, the Magistrates heard and found the case proved in her absence, landing Bayley with a fine as well council costs, and Victims Surcharge – all totalling £1601.


Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Cllr Jo Blackman, said: “This case underlines the need for people to take responsibility for managing the waste on their property. The Council will take action where waste is obstructing the footpath which can pose a real danger to those with young children or using prams, wheelchair users or the visually impaired, who are forced into the road.”


Redbridge Council’s Bulky Waste Collection Service entitles residents to a free collection every 12 months (maximum of 3 items). Full details including items accepted, and terms and conditions can be found on: