Business was operating without the required legal channels of using a registered trade waste contractor

Wednesday 20 April 2022

On 6 January 2022, an Enforcement officer was conducting regulatory inspections at local businesses in Green Lane, Ilford , checking the arrangements in place for the management of business’ commercial waste.  He visited Brian Thomas Estate Agents Ltd., 412 Green Lane. Staff present were unable to provide the officer with the necessary information, so he issued the company with an Environmental Protection Act Notice, to supply details of their waste contract or produce other waste transfer notes, covering the period of the preceding 2 yrs., The officer was thereafter contacted by Mr KHAN, a Company Director of the business who said that his business had been closed for the majority of 2020, due to Covid and that no commercial waste had been produced.  Further investigations, however, revealed that  the business had been trading at various times during this period and were still required to produce their waste transfer documentation.  Having failed to provide the required  documents, including those for an additional, post lockdown period,  the officer issued the company with  two fixed penalties, totalling £600 for failing to comply with the Environmental Protection Act notices .  These remained unpaid, despite reminder letters being sent. The company was eventually summonsed to appear at Barkingside Magistrates Court.

On Tuesday 8.11.22, Mr KHAN, aged 32 yrs., representing Brian Thomas Estate Agents Ltd. appeared at Barkingside Mags Court and pleaded Guilty two offences of failing to provide commercial waste documentation, as required.  He was sentenced to a Fine of £800, ordered to pay LBR costs of £375 and pay a Victims Surcharge of £60 . Total = £1,235.  He was given 28 days to pay.