How you can help?


If you see or hear anything, please let us know. If you have a description of the offender, possibly a name or address, description of any vehicles involved – such as model, make, colour and registration – even information on which direction they came from and left in.

Why evidence is important

Important details and facts help us track offenders of fly tipping and enable us to prosecute.

Photographs and videos

Any images or video of the dumped rubbish are a huge help in putting a case together for prosecution.


What we do if we catch someone?

£400 fines

This is the highest we are allowed to give. We’ve raised this from £80.

Monitor CCTV

We do have many CCTV cameras in locations across the borough, but we can’t see everything. There are restrictions on how we can use evidence gathered on CCTV, so your help is important to prosecuting those who offend.